My mother had been a Dalmatian fancier and breeder for more than forty years, so I grew up with dogs. Realizing that I didn't have enough space for another Dalmatian, I turned to Basenjis and later on (when I did have more room) to Ibizan Hounds as well.

Education is a primary theme for me, both in my dog life and my “other” life. I believe that the more information that is gathered, the more good news and bad news you are going to learn. No dog is perfect, and no single breed is “perfect” for everyone. Gathering of such knowledge allows us to make better decisions that fit our values and lifestyle. I have no human children of my own, but I have been fortunate to have had children in the families who have adopted my dogs express an interest in learning more about the sport of purebred dogs from me. Through them, I have been able to pass along much of what I have learned over the years. I have delighted in watching them grow up with the sport in multiple venues including Junior Showmanship, conformation, and lure coursing.

Since 1998, I have judged several sanctioned matches in the Pacific Northwest as well as Specialty sweepstakes. Some of my most memorable judging highlights include:

Upcoming judging assignments include:

Two Breeding Programs:


  • Started exhibiting in 1991
  • Dozens of conformation champions of record at Taji
  • Plus over 50 titles earned in other performance venues including lure coursing and obedience
  • Breeder-owner-handler of multiple national and regional specialty winners, Westminster award winners, and national Top Tens.
  • Bred and/or co-bred over 30 litters to date


  • Started exhibiting in 1993
  • 3 champions of record
  • One Dual Champion/Best in Field winner and another BIF winner
  • Western Gazehound Specialty BOB Winner (Canada)
  • Co-bred 2 litters to date

Dog Club Membership & History of Activities:

  • Basenji Club of America:
  • Parent Club Approved Breed Educator
  • Pacific NW representative for the Health & Research Committee
  • Public Education Committee
  • Conformation Tallier
  • Stud Dog Tallier
  • Evergreen Basenji Club:
  • Treasurer
  • Parent Club Liason
  • AKC Coursing Advisory Committee Delegate
  • Judges Selection Committee
  • Trophy Chair
  • Show Committee
  • Ibizan Hound Club of the United States "IHCUS"
  • Currently serving as Board Member of Parent Club IHCUS 2003-2005
  • President of Parent Club IHCUS 2002-2003
  • Vice-President of IHCUS 2001-2002
  • Contributing author: Ibizan Hound Champions 1987-2000
  • Attended the first AKC Parent Club Conference in Cincinnati, October 2002
  • Twin Peaks Ibizan Hound Club:
  • Charter Member
  • Ways and Means Committee
  • Supported Entry Chair
  • Parent Club Liaison

Other Affiliations:

  • Western Washington Hound Association:
  • Lure Coursing Chair
  • Judges Education Symposium Chair in conjunction with Group show
  • Member Education Chair
  • Show committee
  • Seattle Kennel Club:
  • Webmaster
  • Judges Selection Committee
  • Show Committee
  • Judges Education Association of Washington (JEAW):
  • Seminar Secretary 2001-2004
  • Associate Member

Seminars and Education Credentials:

  • JEAW Seminar attendee: 1995-2005 (11 years)
  • JEAW Seminar presenter for the Basenji in November 2004
  • Oregon Dog Judges Study Group co-presenter for the Basenji in January 2004
  • WWHA Symposium on the Sighthound August 1999: Event coordinator and presenter of the Basenji
  • Northwest Dog Judges Study Group seminar attendee 1997
  • Dog Judges Association of America study group, New York City, 1998
  • George Alston Advanced Clinic: 1996 & 1997
  • Basenji Club of America Judges Seminar: 1999

Attendance at Specialties and Westminster:

  • Ibizan Hound Club of the United States National Specialty (rotates to different regions): 2003 & 2006 (2)
  • Basenji Club of America National Specialty (rotates to different regions): 1991-1992, 1994-2001, 2003-2005 (13)
  • Evergreen Basenji Club Specialty, WA: 1991-2005 (15)
  • Willamette Valley Basenji Club Annual Specialty, OR: 1997-2005 (9)
  • Willamette Valley Basenji Club Winter Specialty, OR: 2004-2006 (3)
  • Basenji Club of Northern California Fall Specialty, CA: 2003-2005 (3)
  • Basenji Club of Northern California Spring Specialty, CA: 2005-2006 (2)
  • Hoosier Basenji Club Specialty, IN: 1999
  • Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club Specialty, IL: 2001
  • Westminster Kennel Club, NY: 1994, 1998-2001, 2005-2006 (7)
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