Personal Profile:
  • 09/28/03: BCOA National Award of Merit Winner under noted breeder-judge, Doreen Duffin
  • 09/21/03: Awarded First in Hound Group as a move-up at the Gig Harbor KC show
  • 09/20/03: Finished his championship with four majors
  • 08/31/03: Best of Breed winner from the classes over 7 specials (5 point major) and on to Hound Group 3
  • 2003 WVBC Winners Dog & Best of Winners (5 point major)
  • Three of four grandparents are specialty winners
  • "Rooster" is 1/8 (new) African stock
  • Pure-for-red phenotype assumed as he has no black hairs on his body
  • Covers a lot of ground in effortless motion, clean coming and going
  • Board level topline and tons of wrinkle
  • Magnificient coat quality: razor short, deep red color, thin and pliant
  • Laid back "beta" personality, yet very solid
  • Sire of two promising litters that have proven to be successful with "late bloomer" get
  • DOB: 11/18/00
  • AKC Reg #HM940466/09
  • OFA hip rating "Good" #BJ-1363G32M-PI
  • Eyes CERF certified: #BJ-1089/2003--35
  • Now neutered at owners' request. I did not have him collected because I have gone forward with his get myself in multiple directions.


MBISS Am/Can Ch Penda Taji's Tri-Umphant One, JC, SDHR

Sire: BISS Ch Zuri's Nassor Nantambu

DC Zuri's Matuko, SC FCH JOR


Ch Taji's Shot O'Tabasco, SC

Dam: Taji Star N Stripes Furever (¼ African)

Changa's Kalahari (½ African)